The Fruit Lover's Basket

An elegant assortment of fresh fruit.  Each one hand crafted.  Includes: Apples, Oranges, Pears, Tangelos, Grapes, Bananas, and Grapefruit.
            14 pc. Basket   $17.95
            22 pc. Basket   $22.95
            39 pc. Basket   $36.95

The Deluxe Fruit Basket
A regal assortment of fruit.  Garnished with Chocolates, Candy, Cookies, Nuts, and Jellies.  Garnishments may vary due to availability.
             23 pc. Basket   $26.95
            39 pc. Basket   $46.95
            39 pc. Basket   $56.95
            50 pc. Basket   $60.95
             62 pc. Basket   $79.95
More Than Just Fruit
Design your own tower gift of delicious chocolate, cheeses, cookies, pretzels, nuts, and candies.  Or, you can tell us how much you would like to spend and we can create a hand crafted gift just for you.
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Finest Fruits and Vegetables
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