1111 W. Washington St.
The Maschari Brothers were Italian immigrants who came to America and began handling Fresh Fruits and Vegetables in Sandusky, Ohio.  They began as a small produce stand on the side of the street, and have since evolved into a four generation strong business.  The original brothers Peter and Joseph Maschari moved their small stand operation to 1111 W. Washington St. in 1925 where they built a warehouse to handle their growing business.  After their passing, the business was run and owned by Paul and Sal Maschari.  Through their years of hard work and experience the small family business continued to grow with daily shipments from growers all over the world.  With Paul's son Pete Maschari entering the business the operation continued to grow with new ideas and feedback from a new generation.  Daily trips to the market were no longer needed, the amount of business the family was doing was now being supplied by direct shipments and smaller distributors.  Now with the fourth generation also in the business the product line and expansion continues to grow.  The Maschari Brothers will always be here for you.  We care because you care, and we thank you for all of your support and business.
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